InspectaCAR Inc.

Warranty Policy

Part A (Applicable to all inspection orders)

  1. InspectaCAR guarantees that a qualified and competent technician will perform the inspection.  InspectaCAR cannot predict any future malfunctions that the vehicle may have.  Components may fail at any given time and without warning.   If you or another repair shop have any questions or concerns with the Inspection Report, please return the vehicle to InspectaCAR for a reassessment of the particular item.  Since the price of the Inspection is for a service only and InspectaCAR did not change or repair any parts, InspectaCAR will not warranty or be held liable for any repairs needed to the vehicle.



PART B (Applicable to all inspection orders)

    1. I understand that there are different levels of inspections and maintenance packages. Further, I acknowledge and agree that InspectaCAR always recommends purchasing the highest level of inspection, unless I feel confident in the service I have selected.
    2. I understand that I paid InspectaCAR for the service that they provided and InspectaCAR will not be held liable for any repairs needed to the vehicle whether they were reported on the Inspection report or not.
    3. I understand that any repair quotes provided by InspectaCAR are estimates only and may vary from other estimates due to part quality and differences in shop rates.
    4. InspectaCAR always recommends obtaining actual quotes from multiple repair shops before making vehicle purchase or repair decisions. I understand that InspectaCAR will not be liable for differences in repair quotes.
    5. InspectaCAR guarantees a quality inspection. Some issues may be extremely difficult to determine without extensive diagnosis and may be intermittent in nature. I understand that InspectaCAR will not be held liable for any issue that was not present at the time of Inspection.
    6. Timing belts need to be changed as recommended in the vehicle’s owner manual as it cannot be determined visually if they need to be changed. If they fail, it could cause engine damage.  If you don’t know when the timing belt was last changed and the mileage or time (according to the manual) is close, then InspectaCAR recommends that you change it.  InspectaCAR will not warranty or be held liable for timing belt issues.
    7. Oil leaks are very difficult to pin point without extensive diagnosis. Wind and cooling fans can spread the oil. If an oil leak is detected, InspectaCAR technicians will provide their best opinion to the cause of the leak, however I understand that this is an opinion only and further diagnosis will be required.
    8. If the Brakes fail the inspection, this also may include the individual brake components such as the pads, rotors, calipers, and bushing kits The individual brake components can’t be determined until the brakes are dismantled and further diagnosis is done.
    9. InspectaCAR recommends that all customers try heated seat function, Sun Roofs, convertible tops, as well as CD, DVD, navigation and/or gaming systems with proper discs to validate proper working order as these are not included in the inspection (unless requested and purchased separately –  billed out at shop labour rate).
    10. Depending on the season, a/c and heater function may be difficult to determine and diagnosis may not be accurate. I understand that InspectaCAR Inc. will give their best diagnosis on a/c and heater function however I understand that InspectaCAR will not be liable or cover warranty issues for a/c or heaters.


By using our website or submitting my information/booking request, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of the Inspection Order, the Warranty and Waiver Policies and I express my understanding to enter into this Release and Waiver of Liability willingly and voluntarily. By submitting my information/booking request, I also authorize InspectaCAR to perform the Requested service as ordered.

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