Protect Yourself When Purchasing a Pre-Owned Vehicle


Get some useful tips and steps about pre-inspections before buying new or used cars.


The links below are dealers who have their vehicles independently inspected by InspectaCAR

Atlantic Auto Sales – 1556 9 Ave SE, Calgary

Autobahn Automotive Group – 7500 6 St SE, Calgary

Envision Auto Sales – 7500 6 St SE, Calgary

BCW Automotive Group – Excell Auto Center @ 323-36th Ave SE, Calgary

Unique Motor Vehicles – 42026 TWP Road 272, Rocky View County, Cochrane, 403-389-2662


Purchasing a preowned vehicle can be risky. Although having a vehicle inspection will greatly reduce your risk, there are still risk factors involved. InspectaCAR guarantees a quality inspection by certified Technicians, however some components can fail without detection or warning. We cannot guarantee that components won’t fail after the inspection. Some issues may also be intermittent and may not be present at the time of the inspection.


The following are additional steps you can take to reduce your risk in purchasing a used vehicle.

  • Purchase a CarFax Vehicle History Report.
  • Always ask whether a vehicle has been in an accident. If the accident wasn’t claimed through insurance then it won’t show up on the Vehicle History Report.
  • Ask the Seller for past maintenance and repair records and the name of the shop that has been servicing the vehicle. If the seller can’t provide the records, permission can be given to retrieve the records from the place of service. A well maintained vehicle will have fewer issues than one that was poorly maintained.
  • Never give the Seller Money until they have given you the keys to the vehicle and signed the Bill of Sale Forms. The InspectaCAR Pre-Buy Inspection includes free Bill of Sale Forms if needed.
  • Always make sure the portion of the bill of sale dealing with liens is fully filled out, and the seller’s signature ensuring no liens are present.
  • Always ask if the previous owner has door codes (if that is an option) or radio unlock codes as they can cost extra money to obtain if they are ever needed.
  • Never buy the vehicle “as is” without fully understanding the costs of all needed repairs.