What do you do?

We inspect your vehicle, provide manufacturer’s recommended maintenance services, and may give a repair estimate if purchased.


What levels of inspection do you do?

  1. Our most extensive inspection is a full vehicle pre-purchase inspection including all mechanical and body items as set out in the full vehicle spec sheet.
  2. We also offer a mechanical inspection only covering the items set out in the mechanical spec sheet.
  3. We offer the AMVIC inspection for dealers covering only the items set out in the AMVIC spec sheet.
  4. We also offer the Out of Province inspections required to register a vehicle coming into the province covering only the items set out in the Out of Province spec sheet.
  5. We also offer an insurance inspection, that may be required by your insurance company, covering only the items set out in the Insurance spec sheet.

We also offer maintenance inspections based on your vehicle recommended maintenance schedule.

Please review the spec sheet for the inspection chosen and advise if you require a custom inspection covering items not on the spec sheet.


Which level of inspection do you recommend?

For your best protection, we always recommend the full vehicle pre-purchase inspection.


What do “Pass, Fail, Caution, or N/A mean on your report?

Pass: means exceeds the minimum manufacturer’s specifications according to All data and/or Government Guidelines as at the date of inspection only.

Fail: means falls below the minimum manufacturer’s specifications according to All data and/or Government Guidelines as at the date of the inspection only.

Caution: means it meets the manufacturer’s specification at the time of the inspection but appears that it may require attention in the near future or No opinion is given due to further testing required after further authorization by owner/purchaser as will be outlined in the comments.

Not Applicable: The vehicle is not equipped with this item.


What is the difference between leaking and sweating?

Leaking means visibly dripping, shiny or wet and will require service.  Sweating means it is collecting dust to an area and does not require immediate service but should be monitored. Oil Leaks are very difficult to pin point without extensive diagnosis.


Who will do the inspection?

All work is done by or under the supervision of a licensed Journeyman Mechanic


Does InspectaCAR price out the repairs needed?

Yes.  We will provide a base line or estimate of parts and labor costs for an extra charge for failed items if requested.  All estimates are based on midrange part quality, and will vary as to individual differences in both parts cost, availability, and differing shop rates for labor.  Some repairs cannot be accurately estimated until full removal and dismantling has occurred.  We recommend obtaining actual quotes from multiple repair shops before making a vehicle purchase or repair decisions.


Does InspectaCAR research or review maintenance records?

That obligation rests with the owner/purchaser, not InspectaCAR.  InspectaCAR recommends checking out the past maintenance history of the vehicle before you purchase.  Some items, such as timing belts cannot be inspected and are replaced at scheduled intervals based on mileage and their status can only be determined from the maintenance records rather than an inspection.


Will InspectaCAR give me advice on whether to purchase a vehicle or not?

NEVER.  The decision to purchase depends on many factors, including price, proposed usage, past maintenance, and the market place.  We are not vehicle appraisers, only professional mechanics wanting to give you helpful information about the soundness of your vehicle in advance.


What promises does InspectaCAR offer?

We promise that we will provide a competent and independent inspection of the vehicle on the items set out in the corresponding spec sheet.  We will truthfully and accurately tell you what items passed, what items failed, what items you should keep your eye on that may need attention soon, and we will tell you what items could not be assessed without further investigation.  If we make a mistake, we are responsible to make it right.

If you have a concern, the vehicle must be brought back to us for assessment.  But we don’t guarantee that you won’t have trouble in the future on items just because they “passed”.  Some components fail without detection or warning.  We just know that your odds of a happy buying experience are enhanced by having the vehicle inspected by our shop.


Do you have any buying tips?

Yes, we do.  Get maintenance records.  If the shop who was reported to do the maintenance doesn’t confirm the story, don’t buy the car.   Test all the systems of the car yourself.  Take a test drive.  Listen to the car.  Ask if the vehicle has been in an accident, reported or not, and order through us a CarFax Vehicle History Report.  Do a Personal Property Security check, and make sure the portion on the Bill of Sale regarding liens is properly filled out and signed.  Get the door and radio codes, and never buy a vehicle “as is” without getting an inspection from InspectaCAR. We also recommend that you try heated seat function, Sun Roofs, convertible tops, as well as CD, DVD, navigation and/or gaming systems with proper discs to validate proper working order.

Do you perform Salvage Inspections?

Sorry – we don’t.

Do you do mobile Inspections?

No we don’t.  We want to give you the most comprehensive inspection possible.  We feel that it’s impossible to get accurate results without lifting it on the hoist and using proper inspection equipment and techniques.